Trying to Use Facebook

                ImageYou use your favorite website every day. You like it, you’re used to it and most importantly you like the way everything works. But then out of the blue they change everything and leaving you completely confused and rather frustrated. Sound familiar?

Facebook’s “timeline” has this effect on several people.  The switch to over to the new design wasn’t an easy transition for some. The differences between the old Facebook and the new Facebook have made users become lost. Some need videos to understand the differences between the two.

Personally I can never figure out where anything is. Regardless of my preference to have most current feed displayed, I get the most popular. I am not the only one who things the new timeline isn’t user friendly.

But the changes didn’t stop there and they won’t stop either. Facebook’s users will continue to become lost as the changes keep rolling in.

So what to do? Keep dealing with the changes or leave all together. Maybe you just need to vent about the changes and keep on waiting for the next change. If that’s the case you will find plenty of places to do so, even with inside Facebook.


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