Shopping Online

Remember the good ol’ days when you and your girlfriend drove to the mall for a day of afternoon indulgence with the latest fashion? Now as you two sit at a computer you can get all the great stuff without the drive and the crowd.

Online shopping isn’t just about connivence anymore. It is about the best bang for your buck. Online you can compare prices, use online coupons and simply have it delivered to you. It’s a great system. Many stores know that the internet has changed the game, and if they wanna keep playing they will have to expand stores online. 

But even with physical stores expanding inventory via the internet they still have to compete with online stores like Ebay and Amazon. A sea of great deals on top of better deals, online shopping has really put the consumer in control. 

As if shopping on your computer wasn’t easy enough, smart phones and tablets have made shopping even easier. Let’s say you’re on the bus and you see a girl with a great dress. Ask her where she got it, pull out your tablet, find the site and order it. 



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