Google- The missing link to employment


You’ve written you best cover letter, double-checked your resume and have a stack of business cards ready to hand out. But is that really enough to get a job anymore? Do you need an online presence just to even be considered?

YES! Companies want to be able to Google you, research you and find out more than just the paper version of you. It’s frustrating to employers when the search for you and nothing comes up. 

So you want to exist, but you don’t want to be sharing everything about you. Employers do check Facebook, and so it’s important to remember even private information can be found. If you’re someone trying to make it in the professional world it’s probably best to not put up anything you wouldn’t want your current or future employee to see. 

The website LinkedIn is desinged to give you that professional web apprearance. It’s a great asset to use and is free to use. Think of it as your professional Facebook account.

The moral of the story, don’t hide from technology, but don’t put it all out there. Google can be your enemy and it can be friend. In the world of business, you want it to be your friend. 


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