Illiteracy = people who can’t read.

Innumeracy = people who have issues with numbers.

Abbreivaholic = people who have issues spelling out words and sentences.

How many languages can you speak? English, maybe Spanish, but odds are its one or two max.

What about the language of online and text messages? You can have fluent conversations in short abbreviations or simply the first letter of every word for an entire sentence.

Who can be bothered to send out a full text with proper spelling and grammar when you can ask “where are you at?” with four characters: WRU@.

Spell out a whole sentence? OMG! Image



Today there are over 1,300 online chat and text abbreviations. Hard to keep up with a list like that. So is it possible that the internet and text messages hasn’t just created a whole new language simplifying even the simplest words, but created a monster for school academics?

Things like blogs, which are relatively short already, have been shortened with the micro blogging of twitter. Twitter which only allows 140 characters makes abbreviations almost necessary to get everything you need to say out there.

You might not bring your old Webster to write anymore, you may need your twitter dictionary just to understand what the heck people are trying to say.


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