Now you see it. Now you don’t.


Remember file boxes, address books and photo albums? What we once depended on to stay organized is now nothing but an outdated way to store information. Who wants to dust off files, when you just click a mouse to retrieve what you need, dust free.

With technology seeping into every boundary into our lives it’s no surprise that the way we store and organize has been affected. We have smart phones to keep our shopping list and contact list imported from Facebook making paper address books obsolete.

Our history of records is changing from paper to a cloud stored in wires miles away from us.

Have you ever thought about printing out each email to make sure it was safe and never lost? Most likely not. We have gotten used to knowing that if we saved an e-mail it would be waiting for us whenever we needed it. We all know  it’s somewhere, we’re just not exactly sure where.

Gone are the days of bringing out a photo album to show embarrassing photos of your children and digging through dusty file bins to search for tax returns. We have gone from storing our files in offices, to backing them up to a drive, to trusting them to the “Cloud”. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain.



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