Tweets, Posts, Social Media, Oh My!


Friday- Status update: Need to study! Ugh!

Saturday- Status update: What are the odds tomorrows class will be cancelled?

Sunday-Status update: All night study session. So lame! School sucks!

Social media has become not just a part of our lives, but a way of life. We no longer just go out and buy a new outfit and get excited because we can’t wait to wear it to show our friends, but instead we take a picture of it and upload it to our Facebook account.

The issue is we have starting making time for social media, but ignore things that have actual deadlines. Think about it: if you are on Facebook and Twitter all the time you’re taking time away from homework. It’s not brain surgery to figure out that the more you spend on Facebook the less time you have to dedicate to school which can have a negative effect on your GPA.

It’s not just our time that we spend on social media sites, but our belief that as students we can multitask between studying and Facebook. But we actually don’t multitask very well. That little “beep” for our phones, computers and tablets is distracting, and are not helping you remember physics formulas.

I’m not recommending that every student go and delete their Facebook because they won’t graduate with it. I am however recommending that students understand that these are not just statistics from professors who are tired of students tweeting in class. They are real, and social media REALLY can affect your performance in college.

So next time you decide you need to tweet that you just got a Coke Zero, maybe just continue to study instead.




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