Cooler online? Join the Club.



You may drive a car that sometimes decides it wont start. You may have bills that are pilling up that you cant afford to pay. You may even have 50 pounds you need to lose and are sure that if you just had the time and energy you would lose it. But you log onto your computer and you have entered a reality where all of that doesn’t exist.

We can have the reality we always wanted without having to win the lottery. It’s called an online community.

There are no longer boundaries, rules for us to follow to let us know when we have gone too far. The difference for our online lives is they don’t have to be authentic.

Look at online relationships. The MTV sensation “Catfish” demonstrates how often the community of even sites that are thought to show “real people” like Facebook and Twitter are often far from the truth.

Remember chat rooms? Where you would go to find people just like you, and you could talk about whatever you enjoyed, and you were bound to find someone like you. How often did you tell the truth?

Who would say they were in a dead end job and need to lose 50 pounds? No one. Online has created communities built upon lies and filled with liars.

Now I am not saying that everyone goes online and makes themeselves 6’1” or tan and skinny.

What I am saying is that it’s easier to lie online because online it’s less likely to get caught. You are not held by the same physical community standards when you enter the online world.

What we need to realize though is, if everyone is lying, is it a community you want to be  apart of?



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